YVR Funny 


SEASON TWO OF YVR FUNNY, a show where Vancouver’s funniest new comedians perform short stand-up sets and let you behind the scenes with intimate interviews.
TELUS STORYHIVE supports compelling, original stories told by creators from British Columbia and Alberta through production funding, training and distribution to new audiences. Find out more: https://www.storyhive.com (SEASON ONE is also available to watch below)

SEASON TWO (released in 2023)

YVR FUNNY S2 EP 01 ... featuring Brenda Prince

YVR FUNNY S2 EP 02 ... featuring Joanne Tsung

YVR FUNNY S2 EP 03 ... featuring Bradley Fung

YVR FUNNY S2 EP 04 ... featuring Cassidy Anhorn

YVR FUNNY S2 EP 05 ... featuring Mufaro Mbudzi

YVR FUNNY S2 EP 06 ... featuring Niki Mohrdar

YVR FUNNY S2 EP 07 ... featuring Greta Lin 

YVR FUNNY S2 EP 08 ... featuring Mitchell Saddleback

SEASON ONE (released in 2022)

YVR FUNNY S1 EP 01 ... featuring Toddy

YVR FUNNY S1 EP 02 ... featuring Savannah Erasmus

YVR FUNNY S1 EP 03 ... featuring An Te Chu

YVR FUNNY S1 EP 04 ... featuring Danika Thibault
(This episode is currently only available on TELUS OPTIK TV)

YVR FUNNY S1 EP 05 ... featuring DJ On

YVR FUNNY S1 EP 06 ... featuring Sasha Mark

YVR FUNNY S1 EP 07 ... featuring Em Cooper

YVR FUNNY S1 EP 08 ... featuring Tin Lorica