other things

when i first moved to japan, i had heard of bento boxes but i was not used to hearing honourifics in front; people more commonly refer to o-bento ... somehow my mind just wanted to continue that word and kept saying obentover, and then i drew what that would look like. then, i made it into a 3D wearable halloween costume (and won the costume competition at onomichi's best cafe, yamaneko!). then I went to tokyo for an art fair and sold art prints of this drawing and others inspired by japanese teacher clip art books.

i did an after effects intensive at the school of visual arts in nyc in 2014 and this is all i made there, but also, that's beautiful.

i met some amazing people through the VOICES conference that i organized in 2002 for the ubc political science students' association (i didn't even minor in poli-sci lol). huge love and respect to mia amir who was my teacher for all of that organizing. classic 20-year-old me, "i'm no expert, i'm just gonna organize a three-day conference around 'protest' as a concept." i came from so much privilege and control that the concept of pushing back against oppression was unfamiliar to me.

na du, ich kann auch deutsch, was soll's denn? hab in nummmberrrrshjjj, düsseldorf und berlin gewohnt, habn paar austausche gemacht, und auch gearbeitet. ich vermisse alles.

日本語 もしゃべれるよ!二年生ぐらいでも大丈夫でしょうか!2005年から2007まで日本に住んでいました、尾道市 と 東京も!よろしくお願いします!